Welcome to the website of the RILEM-week 2018

The RILEM-week 2018 will be held from 26-29 August 2018 in Delft, the Netherlands.

All activities of RILEM can be found on: www.rilem.net

Together with the RILEM-week we will organise a conference and a symposium:

SLD4 conference and CONMOD2018 symposium.

SLD4 is the 4th International Conference on Service Life Design for Infrastructures. The SLD4 conference is jointly organised by Delft University of Technology and Tongji University. The conference builds on the success of the previous three events on this topic held in Shanghai (2006), Delft (2010) and  Zhuhai (2014). Service Life Design for Infrastructure is a very broad topic involving aspects starting from the material properties and behaviour, via structural performance,  serviceability and durability to integral design and asset management. All related topics from experimental research to modelling and from codes and standards to applications are welcomed to the conference.

CONMOD2018 is a symposium on Concrete modelling which will be jointly organised by Ghent University. CONMOD2018 is the 5th in a series on this topic dealing with all aspects concerning modelling of concrete at various scales.

Part of the conference and symposium will be special sessions on “Concrete Modelling and Material Behaviour” to honour the retirement of Professor Klaas van Breugel.

The location for all events during the RILEM-week is an old factory and laboratory where they used to make glue and gelatine.  The buildings create an excellent environment to have an inspiring conference, lively discussions and productive RILEM committee meetings.

The week before the RILEM-week we will organise 3 RILEM courses on Multi-scale Modelling of Concrete (MMC) , Concrete Microscopy (CMC) and Corrosion Science and Control (CSC2I).

Hope to see you all in Delft from 26-29 August 2018,

Erik Schlangen

Chairman of the organising committee