There is no other place where you will encounter so many globally appealing cultural-historical values as in Delft – Delftware, Johannes Vermeer, Jan Steen, the link with the Dutch royal family and the Dutch East India Company. But Delft is more than history; Delft is a lively modern city with many innovations. Even if you know Delft, we are sure that you will be pleasantly surprised during your visit to Delft! It is not only the location of Delft University of Technology, but also to a vast number of museums, art galleries, restaurants and cafés, not to mention the many lovely shops!



Markt square


The central market of Delft is one of the largest market squares in Europe, 50×120 yards, and bounded on the short ends by the Nieue Kerk and the Stadthuis. On the long axes, stores and restaurants with outdoor dining occupy most of the buildings. The square is on one of the highest points in the city and dates to the late 13th C. Market on Thursday.

Nieuwe Kerk


This famous church, with the second tallest steeple in The Netherlands at 375 ft, is consecrated to St. Ursula, and faces the City Hall across the market square. By legend, the concept arose from the vision of a Delft beggar Symon in January 1351 who saw an image of golden church with Mary seated on a throne. A wooden church was erected on the site in 1381.

Delft Blue Ceramics


It is true! When visiting Delft you may not leave without visiting a shop, a boutique, a school or a museum full of Delft Blue. Most tourists do visit the Stedelijk Museum at Prinsenhof.



It is within these walls that the man of whom much has been writ and said once trod. William of Orange, also known in these parts as William the Silent, led the resistance against Spanish rule in the Netherlands.
The well laid out museum gives and insight into the times and William’s role in the rebellion.



The townhouses lining the Oude Canal remain true to principle of historic appearances, but most appear to have gutted and reconstructed interiors. Many exteriors have renovations as well, most apparent in the modern windows. Many house businesses with scattered cute restaurants and the occasional hotel.