21 - 24 August 2018

The course on Corrosion Science & Corrosion Control for Infrastructure (CSC2I) is an interdisciplinary course, encompassing fundamental aspects of corrosion science & technology, corrosion control and materials science for civil engineering. The course targets material classes as metals & alloys, concrete, coatings & composites. Corrosion-induced degradation and corrosion protection for main infrastructure will be discussed, including steel structures, with an emphasis on reinforced concrete structures.


  • (electro)chemical kinetics &thermodynamics in corrosion and corrosion control for metals/alloys;
  • corrosion science & control for civil structures; impressed current cathodic protection;
  • synergy electrochemistry & concrete material science;
  • “hands-on” practical sessions (lab & field techniques);
  • workshops – demonstration equipment corrosion tests & electron microscopy for evaluation of corrosion products and steel/cement paste interface



Course Load

 for ECTS certificates

  • MSc, PhD students
  • Postdoc researchers
  • Academic and industry professionals

Theory & practice – 14h + 18h


Attendance certificate


Self-study – 28h + 36h; POC  40h; Exam/graded practicum – 4h

TU Delft GSC 5 (full attendance)

ECTS - max 5 (POC/exam)




The CSC2I course will take place at the Campus of the University

TU Delft | Faculty of Civil Engineering & Geosciences |
Room KG 02.110 Colloquium  | Building 23 | Stevinweg 1 | 2628 CN  Delft