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Passionate software developers and commercial specialists


This is

Passionate software developers and commercial specialists is founded on the idea that processes can be smarter. Before Freek and Jelle founded, they used to organize conferences at TU Delft. ” “There has to be a better way than participant registration in Excel”. This became the start of It began with an extensive software package for registration, communication and administration for events. More then a decade later specialises in creating and innovating software solutions in the event industry.

With a lot of ambition and a healhty dose of guts we work on the development of our excisting products and launch new products on a regular basis. With the purpose of helping our customers to strengthen knowledge sharing and become smarter together.

We operate from our core values.

Be friendly: humans first!

We work for and with people. We value that more than anything else. Our customers and relations appreciate the way we interact with them.

Create value

We work to create value. For the customer, for the company or for a colleague. We only do something if we feel it contributes to something better. We don’t do work that doens’t have to be done. We only do work that contributes.

Energy & perseverance

Energized and with a good dosage of stamina we work on all of our projects.

Everything is not not our problem

If a customer, colleague or a different party have a problem, we feel it too. Even though we did not cause the problem. We will always collaborate to reach a solution.

Do a good job, do it better tomorrow

We always strive for the best possible result. We actively try to improve our work daily. Positive feedback, negative feedback. Any feedback will do, really.

Do new things in new ways. Be leading

Using new techniques and modes of work distinguish us from the rest. We are autonomous thinkers and we think out of the box. Every team member is responsible for innovation.

Curious who our people are? Get to know our team.

Trends, developments and news

Want to join the team? is a growing and we are always looking for new talent to join our team. In the coming year we expect to expand our team in the areas of sales, design, frontend, marketing, support and finance.We work with the Holacracy method in stead of tradional management. Every quarter there is a (digital) outing and regular drinks. Successes are celebrated! Of course, good work also includes a good salary.