Invitations & Reminders

Communication determines the success of your event. Tools to plan and design your communication

Address formally or informally

Personalize messages by addressing invitees in a fashion suitable to them. Formally, informally, gender-neutral, it's all possible.

Automatic confirmation message

Right after completing the form, a participant receives a confirmation message detailing their registration. The look and content is completely customizable.

Send save-the-date messages

As soon as the date for the event is set, send guests a save-the-date. That way, invitees will circle the date in their calendars.

Design email invitations

Design an invitation that is as attractive as possible. Add text, images and buttons, completely in your own style.

Schedule messages

Email campaigns will be sent at just the right moment with scheduled messages. Send messages to all participant or to separate groups of participants.

Personalized emails

Participants are addressed personally with help of automatic replacements. Answers participants give during registration are reflected in the emails they receive.

Automatic reminders

Reminders result in a higher turnout. All not yet registered invitees receive a reminder with one mouse click.

Include attachments

Add attachments to emails. From the pdf of the timetable to an image of the floor plan.

Send SMS texts

SMS texts are well read by participants. Use this feature on the day of the event to resend the e-tickets or share important logistical information.

Choose a salutation

Dear Mrs. Smith, Dear Linda. It is possible to choose the salutation that fits your event.

Set a sender address

Send emails with your own address as sender. Even add a new email address in to use for all event communication.

Email authentication with DKIM/DMARC supports email authentication methods SPF, DKIM and DMARC. These make sure email is securely sent with your address as sender address.


The invitation to the event should not end up in the spam folder of the recipient. Our precautions ensure that invitees receive the email properly.

Responsive mailings

Design emails easily. Mailings are responsive by design on most-popular email clients, even Outlook. Fonts and colors are taken from the settings of the event and are fully customizable.