Contacts & Participant management

Participant management automated with built-in cleverness

Copy contacts

Easily copy the contacts from one event to invite them to the next. Build a long-term relationship with your contacts.

Remove duplicates

Sending two invitations to a contact might be a bit too much. By removing duplicates it won't happen to you.

Change participant data

Change participant data after their registration to add additional details.

Search and filter options

Easily filter and search for participants and within participant groups. Without requiring to first make an export of all participants.

Registration overview

An always up-to-date status report containing all registrations and cancellations for the event and quick insights into key statistics.

Download participant list

Export a list of participants and their data. Choose to download all data or a selection to get a clear and manageable export.

Manual registration

Manually register participants or change the registration status of already registered participants.

Participant groups

One target group may receive a completely different invitation than another target group. This is possible with the use of labels in the contact list.

Upload contact list

You can easily upload contact lists to Follow our template and add labels to create different target groups.

Add contacts manually

Quickly add someone to the contact list? Of course you can also do that manually!