Financial administration & Credit control

Financial administration arranged in its entirety; form refunds to credit notes

VAT per component

Set the tax rates for the different parts of the invoice. Low rate, high rate or VAT exempt in the case of tickets for foreign participants.

Automatic payment reminders

Easily set up automatic payment reminders for the participants who have not yet paid their invoice. Set the term and the accompanying message.

Debt collection agency

Most invoices are paid on time. But if necessary, invoices that have not yet been paid can be sent by a debt collection agency via

Receive one collective invoice


When someone is eligible for a refund, that refund can be made via The participant receives a credit invoice and the money.

Credit notes

Financial administration might not be the most fun part of organizing an event. With making credit notes becomes an easy task.

Add invoice lines

All information required for on an invoice is easy to add. Both by the participant and the organizer.

Fast payment of ticket fees


Connected to the PEPPOL / Simplerinvoicing network? E-invoicing is the new standard for invoicing. The e-invoice is a structured digital file and can therefore be processed automatically in different systems.