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Registration tool

You can use email authentication to optimize the delivery of your send messages. We support DKIM and DMARC email authentication. You can minimize the risk that your message will be seen as trash/spam. Do you want to add email authentication on your domain name? This is the part after the @ of the email adres you filled in as sender from messages. Please do contact us if this is the case.

Has a participant already paid and do you want to return this fee? You can do a refund individually for each participant - check this article for more information about refunds. You can also do a bulk refund when you have a large group of participants who all receive a same amount for the refund. Check this article on how to do a bulk refund.

When a participant has not paid yet, you can create a credit note. When a participant already has paid, you can do a refund (returning the paid fee to the participant)For more information about invoices, please click here.

On organisation level you can add users, but you can also do this per event. You can only manage this acces when you are the owner. You can make another person an owner or only give acces so they can see this event and the amount of registrations. In the pink bar top right on your screen you can click on 'organisation' and you will go to your organisation dashboard. Here you can organise your events and sharing this events with other users.

You can manage your invoice details in your billing profile. When you publish your event, you need to link the correct billing profile to this event. This way the invoice you receive after the event, will have the correct details. You can check the invoice details in the settings of your event (go to the pink bar on top right and click 'settings'). Here you see which billing profile is linked to this event, and if needed you can edit this profile. Please make sure that all relevant information is added into your billing profile, such as a PO number. As an organizor, you can also edit participant invoices. Please note that you can only edit participant invoices when the invoice is not paid. When paid, you cannot edit any details on the participant invoice Go to Dashboard > Manage registrations > Registrations and look for the participant by using the search bar. Click on the name of the participant and a popup will appear with the payment details. Click on the pen-icon to go to the invoice edit screen to do the changes.

Below you can see a tutorial about using the registration form and linking relevant questions. The video is in Dutch, we will explain to you how it works. From your dashboard you can go to registration form and here you can set up the form as desired. On the right you can see different question types you can use for your registration form. You can drag and drop these question types into the form. You can make a question dependent on a previously given answer. You do this by clicking on the gear wheel at the relevant question. Click on 'question will show if.' A new dropdown appears with al the previous questions in your form. Select the relevant answer which you want to use to link to the new question. This way the participant only has to answer questions which are relevant: when you serve a lunch at your event, you might want to know whether they want to join your lunch. If so, it is good to know whether they have specific dietary needs

Does your event have ticket fees? In 'Payments' on your dashboard, you can activate a payment system (OBP or DCS) in your event and you can choose different payment methods for your participants.You can also add the ticket fees in this part of the dashboard - you can set the prices or the different fees of your event. You can link this tickets to the questions of your registration form.It is important that you link the correct ticket to the chosen options of the participants, so the participants receives a correct invoice. You can find tips and tricks on linking the tickets here.

Do you want to set a maximum amount of participants that can answer a specific question or register for a workshop or part of your event? You can then set limits in the registration form, by clicking on the gear wheel below the relevant question. This feature is called 'Add limits to this question'. When activated, a field appears next to all the answer options where you can add the limit of that specific answer of your question.

What if participants already are registered for your event, but you have to change the event date? Of course you still can use this event , but sometimes it is better to make a whole new event in If you choose the first option this what you can do: Make a message in the message center addressed to all registered persons to let them know that the date of the event has changed and whether they want to confirm the new date. You can add a button with a link in this message, which will redirect the participants back to their own registration. You can add a new question in the registration form so the participants can confirm whether they are able to join the event on the new date. You can also use this trick when you have a participants the opportunity to write in for a workshop which was not yet known at the time of the invitation. When you have dragged the button in your message, click on the pen and then on the dropdown 'edit form'. Your participants can click on the button, and will end up on their form. So this is how they can complete this form by answering your extra added question.

Do you want to personalize the confirmation message by including the name in the format? Or by repeating / summing up the choices has made by the participant in the registrationform?The solution is to use an automatic (data) replacement word or an answer code of the relevant question from the registration form. Click here. to read more about this.

If you copy an event, the system does not include the personal data. So copy your event and delete the original one. This way you keep the styling and registrationform, but not the participant data.

You can change this in 'website settings'. Initially, the name of your event is (a 6 digit number that is unique for each event). You can replace the 6 digits with your own event name. You can also use your own web address by buying a new domain name or linking your own domain name.

You can compose different types of messages from your message center on the dashboard. Before you actually send out your messages, we strongly advise you to test the message first. You can do this by going to the send settings of your message. Please note that you can only send a test email after you have selected a recipient group and have added a subject to your message. The system will pick a random recipient from your recipient group to create the test email.

Online Event Platform:

If you are going to organize an online event, you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions below. We also have an FAQ for participants. We always send this FAQ after the set-up meeting.

We can imagine that it's difficult to imagine what the online platform looks like. Registering for an Expert Session is a good opportunity to experience what the platform looks like. You can register here.

After the first contact you will receive a checklist from us, which provides a timeline and a list of tasks to stay on schedule. You can also view this tutorial, so you can get started right away.

The admin panel is the first thing you see when you log in as an organizer (administrator) with your personal login details. You will see the overview panel from which you will organize the entire event. Learn more about the admin panel: watch the tutorial.

View this tutorial on how to add a user.

Participants gain access to the event via a personal participation link that they receive by email. This email also includes their username (their email address) and password. You can adapt the available templates for the mailings to your own needs. It is important that the personal link and login details are always sent. These are unique for everyone.

View this (dutch) tutorial to learn more about it.

View the tutorial on how to add a business.

When you upload more than 16 companies you will get a search bar.

There is a special area, a so-called booth, where you can store text, logo, video, contacts, downloadable documents, e-mail addresses and website links.

If you want to add a downloadable file to your company booth, this can only be done via a file URL. You add this to your company page, via 'edit company', 'extra details company'. You add such a file URL in the following way:
1. Go to google drive
2. Upload your file here (new file)
3. Click on the pdf document once it has been uploaded
4. Then click with your right mouse button on get link
5. Set the settings to be shareable with everyone. Copy and paste this link into File URL.

View the tutorial on adding program components here.

Participants click on the lobby tile 'program' to see the full program overview. When they click on the session they want to join, they will see the 'enter session' button.

Participants can chat with each other during a session, give their opinion via a poll, participate in a quiz, form a word cloud together or ask their questions in the Q&A. These questions can be answered live in the session by the speaker or by a moderator.

Participants can chat and video call with each other and with exhibitors.You can also add a network carousel. The Network Carousel makes networking even more fun. Participants are randomly linked together for a video chat of a few minutes (length is adjustable). If it really does not click, the participants can end the conversation and a new connection is established.Prefer no random links? Then contact the EventConsultant for more information about the Advanced Network Carousel.It is also possible to add a group video call to the program. In this way, everyone can turn on their camera and microphone in 1 room to network with each other. We recommend adding a maximum of 15 people here.You can also add an Iframe, so that you can also use programs such as Mibo, for example. Participants can then walk through a virtual environment and talk to each other via video chat. You choose which group you want to join by just walking up to them. This is an external tool, but it can be integrated into the platform.

Various streaming services can be used on the platform. For livestream program parts you can use: YouTube, Twitch, Jetstream, Vimeo, Iframe. Ask your Event Consultant for more information or link your AV partner to your Event Consultant to determine the best streaming solution.

Click on the gear wheel at the bottom left to choose which parts you want to have in the bar on the left.

By clicking on the following icon at the beginning of a session, the session will be recorded. This can be done by the speaker himself or by one of the organizers (admin).Can the different break-out sessions also be recorded if a speaker presses 'record' at the beginning of the session? Or does he only record the plenary parts?This is possible, but per break-out session.

Afterwards you will receive an Excel list of all chats, which you can find as the organizer in the admin panel under statistics overview. Of course you will never see the Private Chats between participants, only the public chats will appear in the Excel overview. Here you can also see exactly how long a participant has been in a program part per session.

Je kunt de helpdesk toevoegen bij Instellingen → Geavanceerd → Beheerders. Waar je één van de beheerders onder het kopje ‘acties’ kunt aanvinken als helpdesk. Zie hieronder:


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