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When organizing an event, it is crucial that participants will buy the correct ticket. 
The questions in the registration form will lead you to the correct ticket. You will have to add the tickets at two places in at payments (mandatory/optional) and at the registration form (payment options/scenario). 

  • Tip: Before you make the tickets in it is important to make an overview from all the tickets you will have for your event. 

You can make the tickets in different ways. You can order the ticket in two different types of categories: 

  1.  One mandatory ticket with one price for the participants 
  2.  Optional price components (for example. Diner - drinks)

You can find the option to make the tickets below the button ´Payments´. After you set the payment system, you can set up the tickets. In the example you will see one scenario with one ticket (mandatory) . As an organizer you are the only one who can see the name of the scenario. 

A scenario is actually a package with all the possible tickets for your event. 
You can add two different tickets in your scenario: mandatory and an optional ticket. The names of these components are the names of the tickets as the participants can see in the form. 




One mandatory ticket with one price for all the participants. 
When your event has one mandatory ticket with one price for all the participants, you can make this ticket at ´Payments´. For example: the ticket price for your event is 100 euro.
You will get the scenario you see under here at ´Payments´.  


When participants buy a ticket, they will get a ticket with the price of 100 euro. You don't have to do anything else in the registration form. 

It will be different when you offer multiple tickets. 

In this support article you will read how to make multiple tickets. 

Optional tickets (E.g. Lunch, drinks and different target groups) 

Let's say you have a component that ́is not applicable for all participants. They belong to a certain target group (such as student or professor) or they can choose if they want to participate for the lunch. This makes it an optional choice. 

How do you build such a scenario of tickets? 

  1. It is important that the optional tickets will be in the same overview/scenario. At first you will add an optional fee component at payments. Below you see the optional tickets for lunch, students, professors and regular tickets. 




    2.  Add a question in the registration form 

It is important that there will be a question in the registration form where you will ask about the specific component. In this case we want to know if someone comes to the lunch. 

You can do this by drag and drop a question in the registration form. 

In this case we choose for a multiple choice question because we only want to know if someone is going to lunch. 

After you added the question you have to link the ticket to a question. When you link the ticket the participant will automatically get the correct ticket.  It is important that you make the question mandatory because otherwise it is possible that the participant will skip the question. 

How to make a question obligatory? 

When you click on the gear icon, you will enter the settings. 
Here you will see an option to make a question obligatory. 




After you made the question obligatory you can link the ticket with a question. 

In this article you will see how to link a ticket. 

When the ticket is linked correctly, the participant who has chosen yes at the question;´Are you joining the lunch ́  will automatically gets the correct ticket. 

It is the same thing for students, professors and regular tickets. You can make a different question and you have to link the correct ticket with the proper answer.  



Searching for an feature?Searching for an feature?

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