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Pre-fill the answer 

When sending invitations via, you can prefill an answer on a question in the registration form. You can do this by uploading the contact information in the contactlist. 

1. When in the dashboard, go to the Registration form

2. Fill in the question

3. Look up the answer code of the question. You can do this by clicking on the gear icon for this specific question. 

Pre-fill an answer
4. Copy the code

5. Go back to the dashboard and click on Address book 

6. Download the Excel- sheet example from the contactlist

7. Paste the answercode in the Excelsheet from the contactlist. Leave colom A till F intact.

8. Upload the Excelsheet in

9. You can also copy paste the answer code in the confirmation message. The participant will get a message with the choices he made in the registration form. 

  • For the name question you don´t need an answer code. You can check the box; pre-load contact details of invitee and the contact information will be shown in the registration form. 

Pre-fill an answer

Searching for an feature?Searching for an feature?

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