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General is do it yourself event software: registration form for event participants, event website, invitations, tickets, payments, surveys and statistics. Manage event registrations in an online dashboard. Everything you need for professional participant registration and event communication.

Scan & Badge is our check-in and badge printing service.

"Smarter together, that's what you do it for". Our goal is to enable smart business events where people gain knowledge. was founded in 2008. We are a growing company of 20 people with a Support team, Product development with in-house developers, and a Scan & Badge team: check-in and badge printing on location.

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Integrated tickets and payments. There is no need for an external ticket service provider. In addition to the various online payment methods, provides after registration payments by invoice. The event organizer receives one collective invoice of the tickets sold. A great timesaver for you and the accountant.

ISO certified. is the only ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 registration product in the Benelux. This means that and our customers meet the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Features for knowledge-based events. The majority of the events organized with are knowledge-based events. For academic events our team developed Abstract Handling: assigning papers to reviewers for assessment.

Scan & Badge, powered by A check-in system with on-site badge printing we developed, acclaimed in the Netherlands and beyond. is used for every type of business event: congress, seminar, exhibition, lecture, product presentation, anniversary, New Year's reception, and so on. is also suitable for organizing business trips.

We offer the Academic package specifically for academic events.

Organizing events with is easy. There are different ways to start:

Create an account. Start creating a Trial account and make a registration form, event website and more! Only when you choose to activate the account, and registrations come in, the price per registered participant applies. Discover at your own convenience.

Request a demo. One of our support colleagues will take you through the various features has to offer by phone in approximately 20 minutes. It helps when you have already created a test event in Feel free to ask questions about your event during this demo.

Make an appointment. If you know what you are looking for in terms of functionality and you want to discuss a solution for participant registration for multiple events, we look forward to meeting you. is available to event participants in Dutch, English, German and Spanish.

The management environment of for event organizers is available in Dutch and English. is do-it-yourself software, but we always support our customers in the organization of their events. We are happy to provide product support and advice tailored to your event. Our customers value the support. That also explains our NPS score of 65.

Take a look at the support articles for in depth answers, mail to or give us a call.


For using we charge a price per registered participant, all features included. No fixed license costs, no long term contracts, but pay-as-you-go. The more registrations, the lower the price per registration. Always in proportion to the size of your event. Calculate the price per registration.

Our support team is happy to help you with the organization of your event. Support is included.

Bundle registrations

Bundles are a solution for the use of at multiple events. A bundle is a number of prepaid registrations based on the estimated number of participants a year, at our best rates. Bundles are valid for two years

Transaction costs are charged for online payments. Transaction costs consist of the costs of online payment (iDEAL, PayPal or credit card), the e-tickets handling and financial administration. The costs may differ per payment method.

View the overview of transaction costs here.

Yes, by creating an account you can test various features, including registration form and event website. Start your first event online - in test phase. If you want to use for participant registration, you publish the event. Only when you publish the event, prices per registered participant apply.


The Standard package is for events without paid tickets. All standard functionalities are included: registration form, event website, invitations, surveys and statistics.

The Professional package includes an integrated ticketing and payment module. The Professional package is for paid events, Scan & Badge events and registration form embedding. With the Professional package it is also possible to focus your communication on specific target groups. Tailoring event communication to every participant is made easy.

Yes, you can embed the registration form on your own website. The set-up is quick and easy. This feature is available in the Professional package.

For who

We work for many different organizations, ranging from small to large. Research institutions, (semi-) governments, publishing houses, corporates, congress and event agencies, business travel office, accountancy and law firms.

All of our customers organize business events.

Check out our cases is used for every type of business event: congress, seminar, exhibition, lecture, product presentation, anniversary, New Year's reception, and so on. is also suitable for organizing business trips.

We offer the Academic package specifically for academic events.

The Academic package is used for academic events, such as scientific conferences. Reviewing and selecting academic papers is an important part of this type of event organization. On average, more than a hundred papers are submitted. Abstract handling makes it possible to blindly assign papers to various reviewers.

We charge a price for our event software per registered participant. You only pay for what you use. This pay-as-you-go model makes suitable for small events. It gets even more interesting when you organize multiple (recurring) events.

Working with

At we do everything in our power to protect your data and the data of participants:

  • is ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified. This is the highest standard for quality management and information security. These ISO certifications enable us to work for governmental institutions.
  • All data in is encrypted. Participants and event organizers are owners of the data. will never sell data to third parties.
  • Our data servers are located in the Netherlands and Ireland, to which EU legislation applies.
  • Processes are continuously monitored. Our developers have even developed an ISO-bot that maps risks and sends notifications.
  • At we have an active policy to make privacy agreements with all our clients and suppliers. Download our standard data processing agreement available at, or contact your account manager.

Organizing events is a team effort. facilitates teamwork through Organizations. Everyone has their own account in the Organization. You can add team members at no extra cost. The main organizer, or 'owner' of the organization in, controls the access management.

The majority of customers chooses to set-up the event ticketing and online payments via Sister organization Delft Congress Support (DCS) collects the ticket fees and transfers the money to the event organizer. The payment takes place within 14 days after the event. You will receive one collective invoice with the ticket fees and an invoice for the use of These invoices are offset against each other.

Advance payment of ticket fees is possible in consultation.

Some of our customers choose to set-up a link with payment service provider (PSP) Online Betaal Platform. The ticket fees are transferred directly to your own bank account, within 5 days. This method does not allow to track the status of online payments.

It often happens that an organization organizes events in different team compositions, but also using different budgets. That is why we developed Organizations at Every organization or sub-organization can set different billing profiles. A billing profile can then be selected per event.

More about billing profiles